Extreme weather events like catastrophic wildfires are an increasingly common side effect of the climate crisis. From Portugal to California, Siberia to Australia, communities around the world are annually confronted with the devastating personal and economic impacts of climate-driven tragedies. As nations scramble to meet carbon emission goals and individuals strive to reduce their personal carbon footprint, one critical solution remains largely overlooked – the restorative power of Nature itself. 

Prof. Tom Crowther, an ecosystem ecologist and chair of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, is championing the potential of science-driven restoration as a crucial addition to global climate strategies. With a bold vision of restoring degraded habitat, and protecting biodiverse ecosystems, Crowther’s research charts a course to harnessing the power of nature to reduce our atmospheric carbon by 30%. 

Founded by Crowther Lab and developed in partnership with Google, Restor is a new digital hub for nature restoration around the world where NGOs, scientists, conservation initiatives, and everyday citizens can connect and collaborate to support the global restoration movement.


Place-Based Strategies

Science-based restoration is more than planting trees. It's about restoring the right plants in the right places. Restor helps identify ecosystem-appropriate native species for anywhere from your back garden to a national forest.

Accessible Science

Carbon sequestration, water retention, and soil pH are critical variables in climate mitigation. Restor's custom polygon tool allows users to easily visualize how restoration efforts can limit climate change over time.

Open-Source Data

Gathering global data about restoration and climate science via Restor empowers frontline efforts around the world, connecting experts and researchers with citizen scientists and conservation initiatives worldwide.

Frontline Action

Restoration and rewilding initiatives around the world can share their efforts through unique project pages, easily searchable on a world map. Restor users can explore and donate to restoration projects near and far.

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